Business Coach

Business Coaching

We started business coaching in 2000. Our idea was to help larger companies and multinationals with the finance and administration part. It became an immediate success, with a customer base of some very satisfied customer. We had projects at Bonita, Det Norske Veritas, Stanley Works, Chiquita, Tractebel EngineeringBridgestone and many more.
Doing so was fine, but there was a lack. The dynamism of smaller companies and individuals wasn't there. Luckily we came across a huge opportunity, with an international business opportunity.  

Healthy Active Lifestyle Coach

After losing weight and gaining vitality, we started to coach people to their wellness goals. We got a lot of references, and the customer base became a community of people working at a better lifestyle.
Now we offer not only high quality products, and a system to better your well-being, but also the possibility to reshape people's life, by sporting and education.  

Lifestyle coaches

Independent Entrepreneurs


Working together with a team is fun. We all can plan our own day, and we're free to work wherever we want, in over 90 countries.

We had the possibility to built an extra business beside our other Big C projects. It gave us less stress, and we could learn on the go. 

Now we use our experience, to teach starters a step by step plan. They have the choice to start with an extra income, a part time career, or immediately full-time.

We've set up a work method that can be used during the start-up period, and that's teachable to everyone who has good work ethics.