Do you want to become a leader? Stop some behaviors first.

It’s not easy to become a leader, but before you even start thinking of it, you need to be sure that you start acting like one.
You have to stop some behaviors, if you didn’t do it already. Make yourself a list with behaviors you don’t want to see in yourself as being a leader.
With this list you later can teach others to become a leader.

Some ideas which were (and some still are) on my list are :

Stop doing everything yourself become a leader

When I started as an entrepreneur, I was doing everything myself. Selling my services, administration, marketing, etc.
And honestly I still do to much of these tasks. But I’ve learned that if I want my business to growth, it’s better to do the things where I’ve the most talent.
So I’ve to look for a team that works with me, to delegate some of my tasks.

You can’t be good for everyone

This always sounded strange to me. But it’s the trough.
At a certain point I had to go for the future, and the dreams, I planed for myself.
That doesn’t mean this plan is the same for everyone. I have to respect theirs and mine, but I go my way.
Sometimes it’s felt as if you’re not good for them. I’d rather say it’s a lesson to keep stucked to your own plan and future.

become a leader

Don’t be emotionally evolved.

This doesn’t mean you should be selfish. It’s more, you can’t carry the problems of everybody.
For me this was very difficult. I had to learn the difference between expressing emotion and emotional volatility.
Emotional intelligence is, for me, a hard part, where I have to learn constantly.

Look for solutions, instead of constantly complaining

I still hear it to often. It’s never their fault, and they never can solve it. Which is maybe right.
I’ve learned that I don’t have a ‘problem’, but I have ‘challenges’. There’s a huge difference in the words you use.
Oh yes, I know, you don’t have all solutions. That’s why I started with my first point.
By building a team of specialists, you can solve more, on a relaxed and professional base. And isn’t that the way you can become a leader?

It’s a step by step process. Something you don’t learn overnight.

I’d say, you don’t follow a study of ‘leader’, you become a leader. And the first step is act as one, learn continuously and read from and about other leaders that you admire.
Have a nice journey on your way to leadership. Celebrate your successes and learn from your mistakes.

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