fun and fitness hiking trails


Hit the Hiking Trails for Fitness and Fun Here are some ideas to get you hiking for fitness and fun. I love an exercise challenge, exploring new surroundings and being outdoors. Hiking
low impacts water workouts

Water Workouts

Try These 3 Low-impact Water Workouts Water Workouts A low-impact water workout is ideal, regardless of your age or current fitness level. If you head to a water-based destination on vacation, instead of
Start Your Family Fitness Journey

Family Fitness

6 Tips to Start Your Family Fitness Journey Today Family Fitness There’s no better time than now to get started on a family fitness journey and raise healthy, active kids. If you’re looking
Do it yourself strength training workout

Strength Training Workout

Do-It-Yourself Strength Training Workout Strength Training Workout Setting up an at-home gym can be expensive, but there are plenty of DIY strength training alternatives. If you look back at the history books, strength and
indoor cycling

indoor cycling

The success of indoor cycling indoor cycling Indoor Cycling is a concept of physical training that we hear more and more about. It is a very common sport that has already attracted a