indoor cycling

The success of indoor cycling

indoor cycling

Indoor Cycling is a concept of physical training that we hear more and more about.
It is a very common sport that has already attracted a lot of people.
Why ? It brings together friendliness, endurance, muscle building, …

The concept is simple: cycling in groups on indoor bikes alternating the intensity of the effort, all accompanied by a lively and rhythmic music. It is mainly practiced in the gym under the supervision of a coach.

This sustained training may seem difficult at first glance and scare off beginners. However, it is sufficient to know how to pedal. It is a course suitable for all levels because it is possible to reduce the intensity of the exercise while remaining with the rest of the group. It must be practiced on bikes specifically designed for this exercise with great stability.

Attention nevertheless, for the practice of this sport it is important to respect some rules. Of course, you need a bike that is comfortable and adapted to the exercise but also the right settings for your level of practice. In the gym, a coach is there to advise and support beginners and experienced athletes in their installation.

In this exercise, the goal is to give the best of oneself and to surpass oneself. Thanks to the collective and friendly side of training, it is easier to go beyond what is believed to be its limits. If the effort becomes too important, do not hesitate to slow down and find your own pace. As in all sports, it is by training that one acquires endurance and pushes one’s limits.

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