change my life

What can I do to change my life?
Make your choice to change your life today!
These choices will give instant change, and a road to success.

change my life

  1. Personal growth. Don’t only wish to growth personally, act! Start to exercise, save some money, etc. Decide today to learn every day, step by step, to become a better person. It’s a never ending journey.
  2. Always treat others right. Even when others treat us poorly, treat them right. It’s a choice. Tell the truth, even when you feel the other is telling lies. Tell them the rules, when they’re cheating. On the long run, you will be the winner, and you will be able to sleep peacefully.
  3. Change bad habits. If you don’t know, ask a good friend about your bad habits. Try to break the worst first, the others will follow later. Stop smoking today! Lose your weight, start to work-out. Get out of debt. Choose to live your best life.
  4. Don’t work longer, work smarter. Get your balance again. Try to find out what makes you work longer. By getting your work done in ‘normal’ times, will free up your life extraordinary. Get yourself organized.
  5. Don’t see your work as a way to earn money, but as a way to help others. The money will come by spending your time to help others.
  6. Get your spiritual, emotional and physical balance again. Your live will get at it’s best. Make time to get physically fit, become emotional healthy and cultivate your spirituality.
  7. Always sow more than you reap. Become a giver, and you will get back. Give your time, give your love, give (some of) your money.
  8. Get dinner with your family more often. It’s the most important group you belong to. Grow the relationship with your parents, spouse and children.

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