Move 30 minutes each day

Move 30 minutes each day

move 30 minutes

30 minutes of brisk walking a day
is the minimum recommended,
but it is not given to everyone.
Yet just change some daily habits to get there.

First of all, know that you can split these 30 minutes in several periods of time. And you can practice other activities than walking. Several physical exercises are easily accessible such as cycling, swimming or fitness.

With the current technological evolution, it is no longer mandatory to go to the gym to let off steam every day. Many devices to maintain your silhouette exist and some can even be stored under the bed or in a closet to save space.

But moving is above all a question of habit. Today, we often have a rhythm of life which pushes to go always faster. We have to choose the fast and easy solutions such as the public transport or the elevators. Changing some reflexes of everyday life can allow you to move 30 minutes a day. Even without giving it a particular time and without realizing it.

If you live in built-up areas, take the time to take a walk to the market. You can go to the local bakery. Taking the stairs if you only have one or two floors to climb is an option . Or go out for a walk with your family as soon as you possible.
Do you work in the city where you live? Go to work on foot, by bike or rollerblading. If this is too far for you, use public transport. But get off one or two bus stops before your usual station and finish walking.

To move 30 minutes a day is especially to take time for oneself. Not only will you do good to your body but also to your mind by relieving tension and stress.

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