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Follow up with a network marketing prospect to help them decide to buy

Do you need to follow up with a network marketing prospect who said they were going to buy, but never did? Here’s exactly how to respond in a postured way to get your prospect to finally buy.

Wondering what to follow up with when someone says “I’m ready to buy, what’s your link, please?” You send the link, they do not place order.

This may sounds strange, but my preference is NOT to send the link. My preference is, “Hey, do you mind if we just hop on the phone for a few minutes?”
I’m going to attempt to hop on the phone for a few minutes and actually take the order myself. I’ve had a lot more success with doing that than just, “Here’s the link.”

Now, if they refuse, if they’re like, “No, I can’t jump on the phone. I can get it right now,” then I’m not saying I won’t ever send a link. But I would rather actually get on the phone with them.
The benefit of using the phone is, I can use tonality. I mean, I have all my weapons, right? I’ve got all my weapons when I’m on the phone with someone.

On the phone, I have my words that persuade, my tonality, my listening ears, I can listen to what it is that they’re saying. I may be able to increase their order, which is not as easy through a message or anything like that. I get to learn of their desires, “Okay, we’ll get you this product. We’ll get you all signed up. Now, I’m just curious. Why is it they that you’re …”

Like, I have so many weapons at my beck and call when I’m on the phone with a customer or a potential prospect or whatever.

If you have a history of this happening a lot, then I would definitely push them for a phone call.

Signing Up A Rep

If it’s to sign up into your team, you could even use some posture around this. Let’s say that someone says, “Hey, I’m ready to sign up and join your team. What’s your link?”

In that scenario, I actually would not send a link and I would say, “Totally cool. I’m excited to work with you. Hey, listen. We invest a lot of time working with you and training you. If at all possible, would you be cool to hop on the phone with me for three or four minutes and get this all ironed out for you?”

I’m going to get on that phone call and I’m going to ask them a couple questions.

If you can make people feel like they’re qualifying to be in your team, then you will actually increase their chances of them following through and actually signing up.

You can’t dictate what they’ll do, right? You can’t ever do that. I’ve had people promise me the moon and that they’re going to build an empire and never do a darn thing, but I would encourage you to try and get on the phone.

If you have this happen a lot, then I definitely would push really hard to try and get them on the phone.

source – Ray Higdon

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