track cycling

Track Cycling exists in different disciplines,
which are held on an oval track with a special track bike .

The oval track is always 250 meters , to be an Olympic track. There are tracks between 225 and 550 meters . The curves have a slope of about 33 degrees . The first championship was held on May 31, 1868 in Paris . Track cycling became an Olympic sport in 1896.track cycling

In track cycling , there are several disciplines :

Sprinting – individually – held by two or more cyclists on two or three rounds .

Sprinting – team – two teams of two or three cyclists over a short distance from each other .

Tandems – with a bicycle for two people , a sprint ran over 2000 meters , it was an Olympic sport until 1972

Time Trial – an individual match , the fastest rider wins

Pursuit – individually – two riders who start on the other side , trying to catch each other , as overtaking is not successful within a certain time , then wins the rider with the best time.

Pursuit – team – two teams of four riders start on opposite sides , they should try to catch each other , as overtaking is not successful within a certain time , then the team with the best time .

Drafting – a course behind a pacesetter ( derny )

Keirin – six riders behind a derny , as the derny leaves the track, starts the sprint

Endurance Omnium – four parts : an elimination race , a points race and scratch and finally the best eight drive a car chase .

Sprint Omnium – a flying lap , an elimination race , a sprint and keirin

Points race – a cherry on 40km for men and 25 km for real women and juniors ; approximately every two kilometers is sprint , the first four riders get points , one lap ahead also gives points , the rider with the most points wins .

Torque Race – teams of two riders who relieve each other , even here there are points to earn like in a points race , the one with the most points wins .

Scratch – run over 15km (men ) or 10km ( real women ) , those who arrive first wins.

Six Days – course over 6 days with teams of two riders – held as ‘ madison ‘ – Part competitions give extra points and bonus funds.

World hour record – as far as driving an hour

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