What Type of Milk is Best for You?

Soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk … Which type of milk is best for you?

Type of Milk

We switched en masse from cow’s milk to (dairy-free) soy, coconut, almond and even hemp milk.
And for all those species you don’t even have to go to a hidden store anymore.
You can find them in the supermarket.

We explain what effect these different (vegetable) milk types have and what the advantages and disadvantages are. Which milk can you choose best?

Almond milk


For everyone who watches the line: unsweetened almond milk contains only 30 calories per glass – this is even less than a glass of skimmed milk. Almond milk is quite sweet in itself. It also tastes pretty good, especially when you use it to dilute your smoothies or to make oatmeal porridge.


This milk variant contains only a few proteins: 1 gram per 250ml. We know from research that almonds are good for your heart health, but it is unclear whether the same applies to almond milk, says nutritionist Alissa Rumsey.

Soy milk


Soy milk contains the most proteins of all dairy-free options – around 7 grams per glass. Mississippi State University also discovered that it contains disease-fighting components (isoflavones).


Soy contains phytoestrogens, plant hormones that (in the long term) can cause reduced testosterone production. By the way, you have to drink more than four glasses (or a liter) a day for this. Also watch out with added sugars. The vanilla variant of soy milk contains 15 g per glass.

Coconut milk


Because coconut milk is made from the meat of a coconut, it contains many healthy fats. The fatty acids would support your thyroid function and thus positively influence your metabolism. You will also find lots of vitamins, iron and fiber in coconut milk.


Note: there is often a lot of sugar added to the cans / packs of coconut milk.

source – WomensHealth


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