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How to Enroll and Grow a High-Performance Organization


What does it take to build a high-performance organization?
You know, an organization that’s filled with top earners and people who are out there crushing it.

This, more than anything else, is the secret to the longevity of your business.
Because here’s the thing…

If you want to build sustainable six or seven-figure business, you can’t do it alone.

So if you’re ready to figure out how to build a strong, dedicated team, then this topic is right for you.
I’m going to tell you an example of how this worked in an iconic movie.

If you’ve seen A Few Good Men, you probably remember one of the most familiar lines ever delivered by any actor in a movie.
It stars Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson and the movie is amazing, because the cast is remarkable.
Some of the finest actors and actresses in the industry came together for this movie.
I won’t go into the whole plot of the movie but there is a particular scene in the movie that you probably have all seen.
It takes place during the trial scene.

Jack Nicholson is playing the part of this Marine Corp Colonel Jessup who was the commanding officer of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

They’re investigating the death of a marine.
They’re in the courtroom and Tom Cruise is playing the attorney who is cross-examining Colonel Jessup.

There’s this back and forth questions and finally, Tom Cruise says, “I want the truth.”
And what does Colonel Jessup say?

“You can’t handle the truth.”

And then he goes off on this big, long amazing line.
What most people don’t realize is this…

Jack Nicholson delivered that line between 40 and 50 different times high-performance-organization

Not because he kept flubbing the line.
In fact, he nailed it every single time.
The reason he did it 40 to 50 times was to support the other actors.
When you shoot a scene like that, they have different angles and different responses, different facial reactions that each actor has to have in order to capture the mood of that moment.
And as you remember, it’s an intense scene.
But what’s amazing about it is that Jack Nicholson, actually delivered that line 40 to 50 times.
Now, that in and of itself is not that remarkable, because actors often do this.
They’ll be off camera and they’ll just simply read the line.
They might have their script in their hand and they’ll say…

“You can’t handle the truth.”

They would just read it.

But what’s interesting about this is unlike most actors, Jack Nicholson actually delivered it in character with the same intensity 40 to 50 times.

He could have just said…

“Hey, get somebody else to read the line. I’m going to be back in my trailer having a cup of coffee.”

But instead, he showed up every single day, even though his work was done.
Even though they had filmed his part where his face is actually seen and he’s actually going through the line and delivering that part of the movie, he could have easily said…

“I’m done, I got paid for this, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

But he showed up 40 to 50 other times simply to help elevate the game for his fellow actors and cast members.

I’ve read some of the folklore behind this scene in the movie and they said that every time he delivered it, it got better and better and better.
When he did it, it raised the game of everybody including the people off the set, like the key grip and the cameraman.
Everybody on set was literally dialed in.
They were so intense in giving their best effort simply because they saw the example that Jack Nicholson was leading by.

My point to all of this is…

If you want to build a sustainable, six-figure business, it cannot be done alone

This is not something where you simply show up, learn a couple of tactics, flip a switch and then suddenly, you’re making six-figures.
It doesn’t work that way, especially in this business model that requires we build strong teams.
What’s interesting about this is that Jack Nicholson was actually nominated for, I believe, it was four Academy Awards and five Golden Globes.
That line, “You can’t handle the truth,” and then the rest of the speech that came after that is listed in the American Film Institute’s top 30 movie quotes of all time.

It was so awesome and so iconic that that everybody else could have had those accolades, because Jack Nicholson led from the front.

He led by example, he showed up and gave his best stuff and he delivered and over-delivered over, and over, and over again.
You cannot do it on your own.
In fact, you don’t want to do it on your own.

You want the benefit of a strong team! high-performance-organization

How do we do something that’s almost on the level of a Jack Nicholson performance in our businesses?
Whether it’s a network marketing business, whether you’re building EMP, or whether you’re building both.
Maybe you’re out there building your own brand and you know you have to build and lead a team, what is it you have to do?
The first thing that we must do is realize we have to be willing and committed to giving a little bit of extra effort every single time.

I’ll use the workout analogy. high-performance-organization

Imagine that somebody, a physical trainer, has given you a workout regime and they say…

“Okay, you’re going to lift this particular amount of weight and you’re supposed to lift it three sets of 12 reps. You’re going to go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, all the way up to 12. You’re going to do that three times.”

Well, after you start to build that muscle and build that strength, if you really want to break through, maybe those 12 reps aren’t quite enough.
Maybe you get to that point where that last rep is super hard and you think…

“Oh, my gosh, I could barely get 12.”

Well, what if you gave one more?

What if you were able to give two or three more reps above and beyond the one that was prescribed?

Well, guess what? high-performance-organization
Just as in physical fitness, the same thing occurs when we give a little bit of extra effort in our business.
But how often do we in our business give that little extra effort?

We may kind of go into cruise control and say…

“Well, you know, I did the best I could this week and now, I’m going to kind of head into the weekend, kick my feet up because I’ve earned it.”

Which is probably true.

But the question I would challenge you with is…

How much extra effort are you willing to put in right here, right now?

What’s that one extra repetition that you might give that could make the difference not just for you in your business but for your team members?
Your customers, your clients, the people that are looking at you – your audience.
Maybe today is a great day for you to flip that camera on and go Facebook Live and share a little bit of wisdom, share something that you learned from this week, share something great that happened.
Case in point, this week, my daughter just found out that she got elected the student body president for her middle school.
It was a huge win for her because she ran last year and was beat out.

When they told her that she didn’t make it, they said…

“But we didn’t have anybody run for secretary, so would you like to be the secretary?”

She had to check her ego on the spot, in a moment of true heartbreaking disappointment and she said…

“Yes, whatever I can do to serve our student body, I’m willing to do it.”

She took that role and she did that little extra effort in the moment, even though she was disappointed.
She could have said, “No, I came here to be the president and the president only.”
But she did something pretty amazing.

In that moment, she had the poise, she had the confidence and she also had that sense of something bigger which I’ll get to in a second, and she said…

“Yes, I’ll take that role as the student body secretary.”

She served for an entire year, established herself within the student body and this year, she won.

My only point to this is that what is it that you can do right here right now, just one thing that would be that little extra effort?

It doesn’t matter the style, or the size, or the scale, what matters is the intent behind it.
Which actually brings me on my second point:
If you really want to build a high performance team and elevate your game while helping everybody else elevate theirs…

You must commit to a higher level of excellence

I truly believe we’re all here doing something awesome.

If you’re an entrepreneur, let’s face it – if you’re here in this community, you’re already next level.

You’re not the typical entrepreneur that’s out there plodding along, chasing shiny objects, looking for the next easy fix.

Most people that come here, are committed to that next level.

You’re a higher-level entrepreneur, a little more sophisticated, a little savvier than most folks, and that’s not a judgment on anybody else.

It’s just that like attracts like and we definitely have amazing people in this community.

We’re already committed to a level of excellence.

When we hold ourselves to higher standards, what happens is, we start to walk the walk like a true leader, like a true professional.

We’re not going to accept whatever comes our way.
Sometimes you put forth maximum effort and you get maybe just a little bit of a result.
That’s fine.
But as an old mentor of mine used to say back in the day…

“I’m happy, but I’m not content. I’m grateful, but I’m not content.”

Which means that even though he’s getting great results in his business, he’s going to take a moment to be grateful for what he’s got.
He’s going to be happy about anything that comes his way because he’s coming from a place of joy in his business.

But he’s not content, because the whole lesson he was illustrating was he didn’t want to allow success to make him lazy or complacent.

I always thought that was such a cool line.
I still use that as a personal mantra, something that’s inside my internal drive system.
It keeps me pushing and going every single day…

Grateful, but not content.

We’re talking about elevating your level of excellence by keeping high standards for yourself.
I’m not talking about impossible standards.
But remember the Jack Nicholson example?

If we elevate our game, then everybody else is going to rise to that level

That’s why it’s so important for every single one of us as leaders and professionals to hold ourselves, each other and this industry to a higher standard.
We’re going to meet them at where they’re at, but then we’re going to serve them by being that beacon of light that they can follow to the next level.

We’re going to say…

“Come with me up here.”

That’s going to encourage them and they’re going to want to follow us to that level.
Some won’t, but most will.
And the ones that don’t, that’s okay.
We’ll wish them well and hope the best for them.
Now, the next part to this is very important.

Something that is definitely evident in Jack Nicholson’s performance in A Few Good Men is a commitment to something bigger than yourself.

And hopefully, you see that as well whether you’re building EMP or whether you’re building a network marketing business.
The point is…

It’s not just about our own financial freedom

Not just about our own time freedom.
Or not just about our own results.
It’s about doing something even bigger than the results.
The results just happen to be an awesome byproduct of our commitment to something bigger.
Man, it just gives me charged it up thinking about how cool it is that we have this responsibility.
This awesome playground to show up to every single day.
Where we’re making an impact in people’s lives, simply because we show up.

We do that little extra effort every single day and we play the freaking game to win.

And yeah, we do get the benefit.
When you’re getting the ball rolling in the beginning…

  • Maybe the results aren’t showing up quite yet
  • Maybe you’re not seeing the high performance level
  • Or maybe you’re not building that team yet

But when you have that internal intention, when it’s inside your heart, when it’s inside your mind, when it comes out through every word you speak and every action that you perform on a daily basis, every behavior that you’ve carried forth, when you’re saying to yourself…

“Man, this is about something bigger than myself.”

People pick up on that.
They feel it.

And if it comes from a place of authenticity, you’re going to freaking build an amazing business.

Not only will it be big and successful – it will be sustainable.
It will be something you’ll be super proud of.
The last piece to this, and you’ve heard me say this so many times that this probably become rote memorization for you, but…
It’s not about just playing for something bigger than yourself.

It’s also about being passionately committed to the process, not just the end result

When Jack Nicholson showed up to that thing 40 or 50 times and delivered at that high level every single time, he was committed to the execution each time.
Not just going through the motions, but literally performing an Academy Award winning level performance every single time.
He was holding himself to such a high standard and he was more passionate about the execution than he was the end result.

I doubt very much that Jack Nicholson said…

“Okay, here we go, this is how I’m going to win an Academy Award.”

Instead, my guess, is that Jack Nicholson probably said to himself…

“Let’s do it again, and all I know how to do is do it at this level.”

If we take that same attitude with everything we do whether it’s a…

  • Facebook Live
  • Email
  • Zoom chat with someone
  • Simple post on Facebook

Whatever we decide to do when it comes to our business and even our lives, if we say…

“Man, I’m just committed to the process. I love the fact that I get to come out here and do this.”

Then we sort of detach ourselves from this desire to know that it’s going to pay off, this desire to have a return on investment.
If we can get away from that, our performance is going to go right through the roof.
And guess what else is going to happen?

The people that we pull along with us, they’re going to be a higher caliber person too, because they’re going to be naturally attracted to that stuff.

They may not at that time be performing at that level, but something internally is going to flip.
It’s like a switch that’s going to go off inside their head.

They’re going to say to themselves…

“I know I’m capable of more and I could elevate my game. I know there is something more for me in my life and in my business.”

And you’re going to represent that example that they’re going to want to follow.
Now, does that mean they’re just automatically going to roll out of bed and be hitting it hard and become top performers right away?
Does it mean that you’re going to naturally be a top performer right out of the gate?
Maybe, maybe not.
But that’s not the point because we’re not committed to the result.

We’re committed to the process! high-performance-organization

The more committed we are to the process, the quicker and bigger and more wonderful the results are going to be in the long run
Listen, my friends – this is an amazing journey we’re on.
This is a huge privilege we have to be able to build our own businesses, on our terms.

We decide to get out here whether it’s seven days a week, five days a week or one day a week. high-performance-organization

Whether we show up to it for an hour or we show up to it for a 15-hour go, it’s our choice.
The fact is if we show up and we say to ourselves…

“Listen, I’m here to do a little bit extra every single day. I’m here to hold myself to a higher standard. I’ will raise other people up, bring them with me. I’m here to do a little bit more, commit to something bigger than myself. And more importantly, I’m here to be passionate and totally in love with the process, come what may.”

I’m telling you this.
That might be a secret recipe for success.
It definitely helped people like Jack Nicholson do some amazing stuff and make an iconic presence in a movie.
But more importantly…

It’s something that you and I can duplicate in our business starting right here, right now, today! high-performance-organization

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