6 'me' habits to become a better person

Daily habits are indeed the key to success. People have no control over many things like the weather, world politics. But we do control ourselves…our habits, rituals, and routines.

All habits can be categorized with the four cornerstones of I, We, Doing and Being.
“I” habits improve our way of thinking.
“We” habits build our relationships.
“Do” habits are more focused on health and the material.
“Be” habits include goal setting and time management.

Here are some of the most effective ‘me’ habits:

  1. Stay honest.
    People value honesty most of all.
  1. Just let it go.
    Those who just “let it go” are usually twice as happy and wealthy as those who don’t. Don’t yell at someone who isn’t doing so well.
  1. Don’t worry about it.
    “Worrying too much” ranks #1 as the worst ‘me’ habits.
  1. Read.
    People who read seven or more books a year are much more likely to earn well than those who read three or fewer. Also, those who read inspiring works are noticeably happier.
  1. Be smart.
    Lack of a proper education ranks as the greatest regret of all time. Those with higher education are much more likely to build a better income.
  1. Know yourself.
    Schedule time to be alone with yourself. Those who do are happier and more likely to get a better education. Discover your true self by embracing solitude.
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6 ‘me’ habits to become a better person

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