Is Network Marketing a Scam?

Why would you no longer think that Network Marketing is a scam?
Network Marketing Scam

Network Marketing Scam

When people hear “network marketing”, they either leave you or they start a discussion.
But these people are always told that the network marketing system is not a scam. But a system that is real. That gives confidence and builds relationships. This is done by participating in a business system that forms a community.

Network marketers are people who are engaged in a system that offers you the opportunity to invest a reasonably small amount of money. Often called a “membership”. You mostly even don’t have to buy a stock of products. You can sell to another person, your customer.

Most products or services are easily consumed in a short time, and re-ordered. So if the money you have invested gives you a return through products and services, how can it be a scam?
Selling the products or services is your responsibility. If you sell it well, you will receive your investments back from such a network marketing opportunity. Then this can become a real business from home.

It only becomes a so-called scam, for other people. Because they do not sell those products and services. And therefore do not generate income from it.

So there is nothing wrong with the network marketing system. The problem lies with the people who are looking at the company, and not at the sales they should manage.
Network marketing is a company that maintains ties with others who are interested in the same industry. It is not extorting money from another person, as people always say it is.

What is Network Marketing?


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Network Marketing Scam

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