Slash Career – the new term in recruiting

Slash Career – the new term in recruiting

slash career

What is a Slash Career?

The term comes from the book “One Person / Multiple Careers: The Original Guide to the Slash Careers” by Marci Alboher.

People with a “Slash Career” are those who earn multiple income streams from different careers at the same time.

In the past, several careers were associated with creative people, such as photographer / writer. With millennials, however, it is becoming increasingly popular in traditional careers. For example, someone is a salesman and blogger. What once started out as a hobby has grown into an extra income.

Slash careers are particularly popular with millennials. For many, the idea of a traditional linear career path is sufficient to bring about a sense of fear.

Why should you hire people with ‘Slash careers’?

The ‘slash career’ becomes a craze for millennials, and it is important that employers learn to deal with this.

Slash careers have become more and more popular in the last decade. Many motivated millennials realize that they can indeed have it all: a full-time “day job” that they can perfectly combine with a more creative passion. And that also gives them extra income.

So why is this important for the business owners, the employers of these jobs during the day?

Many employers have a negative idea about these ancillary jobs. They assume that an employee will not be as motivated in their job if they only consider it a day job. They think that someone with passions in other areas will not be such a valuable employee.

And they are usually wrong.

Many millennials have an activity as a fitness instructor, blogger, … in addition to their daily job. It does not always have to be paid, also volunteer work is done a lot. Just look at all those bloggers and managers of podcasts. And more than likely, those team members are worth gold in their day job.

Why would you hire people with slash careers?

1. They are motivated and take initiative.

If your candidate is always busy, it means that they are passionate, hard-working and motivated. They do not come home from work and just sit and watch TV, they stay active. And they are active in every task they do. Are you looking for a team member who takes the initiative and rolls up his sleeves? Accept somebody with a slash career.

2. They can do anything.

Employees with interests outside of work are good all-rounders, and they are valuable for every company. They can wear different hats, have multiple skills and are often good at solving problems. I attach great value to competence and solution-oriented. My people must always be able to think out-of-the-box and put different options on the table.

3. They are more creative.

Employees with slash careers must be creative. They were not frustrated at work because they wanted to pursue something else. And I do not know anything about you, but I’ve seen that happy employees are often the best.

Their creativity flows into your company.

In a company where brainstorming, innovation, improvement and problem solving are extremely important, creativity is essential. If someone is creative with their efforts outside of work, you better believe that they will be creative in all their work, for your company.

Put simply, employees with side jobs are invaluable.

The next time you interview a candidate with activities outside of work, do not write them down. Maybe you interview your most motivated employee.

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Slash Career – the new term in recruiting

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