When is it time to think about your career?

When is it time to think about your career?

think about your career

What happens when an exciting and challenging job turns out in a boring one without a perspective?
When is it time to think about your career?

When your job becomes something “boring”, you’ll even change as a person. The busy professional changes in someone who just does the things that has to be done, nothing more. Your goals seem further than ever.

Let me give you some warning signs, so you don’t ruin your career, so you know when it’s time to think about your career.

You lose excitement about new projects.

When you think that extra projects are not worth the time, and you’re not paid enough for it, you lost track. New projects are a way to learn and to display leadership.
Keep interest in what you do, otherwise it will have a negative impact to your career.

You miss active participation.

If you just go through the day, doing the same daily things, then you’re missing active participation.
It’s time to evaluate your job. A job with challenges, that keep you focused, is important.
Don’t keep a job that’s just boring, it needs to help you grow.

What about your salary?

It’s said that employees who stay at the same company, make 50% less than those who leave. So what if you stay at a dead-end job.
The fear of being called a “job hopper”, makes the decision difficult. But staying doesn’t offer financial and professional growth. It makes you less competitive for your industry.

You keep doing the things you’ve always done.

think about your career

To be challenged, and be a high-performer, you need new opportunities in the job.
It might be less comfortable, but it makes you grow in your career.
Look for improvements and search for new tasks. It  will be noticed, and won’t be passed with possible promotions.

You complain to much.

When you’re unhappy with your job, you might start to complain.
Venting from work, from time to time, is normal. But it may not affect the business and the relationship with colleagues and customers.
The moment people don’t want to work with you, or your passed for a potential opportunity, you’ve gone too far.

You stop learning.

It’s normal that you keep on track with the newest technology, standards and principles, because you need for your career.
Keep looking for opportunities to learn, even it is outside of work.

You don’t use your best skills.

You’re job should give you the opportunity to us your best skills.
It has to give you the possibility to build a list of career highlights. If it doesn’t, how can you show your best qualities then?

You make small mistakes, on normal tasks.

The moment it start to be frequent, you’ve to admit, your job is boring you.
This impacts you negatively, and the way your manager and colleagues start to look at you.

You argue with your manager

The manager should be a help, when needed. But when he or she lacks good leadership skills, it can become difficult.
It might be that your job performance will be questioned, when this leads to constant arguing, and that’s no good for your career.

You start questioning yourself.

When your confidence falls, it might be an impact of staying at the wrong job to long.
It’s time to move on to save your career.

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