warm market approach

Is the warm market approach a good idea to start your business?

warm market approach
Whatever business people start, the first recommendations come from people they know. So why shouldn’t it be a good starting point?
When you start a business, you want to have customers fast. Where do you find them? How will they get to know you?
The people you can make contact with quickly are those you know. Friends, family and acquaintances. We call it your “warm market”

Maybe they won’t be your first customers, but they can give you referrals. So, the warm market approach is a recommended starting method.
More than ever, building a business is about connecting people and products or services. It can be done both online and offline.

However, it doesn’t stop with the warm market approach.

warm market approach

Your business needs to pass behind your “warm market list” as soon as possible.
That’s why you should learn to approach your list, on a way you don’t push them away. Even if the people are not interested, they can give referrals. As long as they respect you and your business. Who knows they even become your partner after a while.

Everyone has the right to take a decision about your product or business. There’s no reason to insult it. Respect it. Who knows, maybe someday, they send you a referral.

The one who said ‘no’ he first time, can change his or her mind. There are many reasons why they come back. Maybe someone loses his job, or the other gets a reason to use your product.

It might sound tough when you hear your friends objections. Learn to deal with it, get over it. It gives you a personal growth, that will be useful during the coming time.
Learn from every objection. It might give you an idea for a better approach. If you understand them, you’re future work will become easier, because you’re getting better.

Create a new warm list with satisfied customers. They will bring you other people.

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